Sanitation and disinfection solutions

We provide non-chemical high hygiene solutions to our customer’s spesific needs

Non – chemical sanitation and disinfection solutions

EROY provides sanitation and disinfection solutions in any space where high hygienic standards are requested and chemical use needs to be minimized.

Non-chemical solutions are based on iEOG – indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generation- which produces pure ozone from water instead of gaseous air or oxygen. The result of this process is high concentration ozonized water without harmful by-products and as a strong oxidizer it eliminates bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, fungi, protozoan and pesticides. It also destroys VOC’s and odours from the air.

By using the 1-4 ppm concentrated iEOG water most of the pathogens reduction is 99,9% or more within 30s – 5 min reaction time.

Most common using points for iEOG generators are as follows:

  • Galleys, restaurants and other food processing or food service spaces.
  • Water, beverage and ice dispensers
  • Spa, fitness and pool areas
  • Health care spaces
  • Toilets and other sanitary spaces
  • All hand washing spots
  • Cleaning lockers
  • Laundry

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