New building ships and conversion projects

Assembly works, updating and refit projects

Work with our high skilled global professionals

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EROY services for newbuilding ships are cabin installation and building suites and other high level standard accommodation spaces.

In conversion projects EROY is specialized on suite building and refurbishment, also in Turn Key when required. Ships public spaces like Spa and fitness, public toilets, restaurants and shops are familiar to our teams.

We also provide iEOG water generators ready installed for sanitation and disinfection use in any space where a high hygiene level is requested. This technology is based on electrolysis and it produces strongly disinfecting water which doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s a user friendly product which also removes bad smell from surfaces and from the air.

All our deliveries are lead by experienced project management and supervisors and performed by high skilled global professionals. Design, logistics and materials are always available when requested.

Our shipbuilding services


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We install  and refurbish passenger cabins and suites as well as crew cabins.

Public spaces

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In conversion projects EROY is specialized in Spa areas, restaurants and public toilets

High hygiene areas

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iEOG water use in restaurants, bars, galleys and other food processing areas and toilets among many other spaces increase the performance and effect of disinfection.

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